Furniture for corporate offices


We offer a specialised corporate service for all small, medium and large scale commercial and residential projects. In addition to Brown Dog’s standard range, we work directly with architects, interior designers and developers on project drawings, or design specifically for individual projects. Clients include Viva Energy (Docklands), By All Means (Collingwood), Sun Studios (Sydney), Diff’rent Chick (Sunbury), See Saw Studio (North Melbourne), Charter Bond (Melbourne), The East Hotel (Canberra), RMIT University (Victoria), Collins Street Business Centre (Melbourne), Twenty and Six Espresso (North Melbourne), Candied Bakery (Spotswood), Saba (Woollahra), Cervo (Southbank), Jamaica Blue Café (Perth), Eltham High School (Victoria), Alex Karbon Real Estate (North Melbourne), Excelon (Melbourne) and the Esplanade Hotel, (Cairns).